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I have previously talked about how important it is to be consistent in order to build your business.


Now I am going to talk about the struggles of being consistent. I can definitely talk about this, because I have first hand experience! I have been struggling lately with this myself! I have the best of intentions, but something else always gets in the way. Sometimes it is something legitimate that cannot be avoided. But then……

There are times when I am what gets in the way! I hold myself back. I think about how much I am going to accomplish within a certain period of time in the evening. Then I get home. I sit down in the recliner. The TV is on. I let myself get distracted. Next thing I know, I have accomplished nothing that I had planned! I find myself thinking “I’ll just catch up tomorrow”. That is a dangerous thing to do!!! I know it is, but I still do it! This is one of the habits I MUST break.

Being consistent is a vital part of building this business, and I know that. So, I have to work on overcoming the temptation to let myself become distracted. I must stop letting things keep me from building my dream life.

You may ask, “Why are you telling on yourself like this?”.  Well, I am telling on myself so that you know you are not alone if you have experienced this too. I’m sure I am not the only one that has. We all have times when we let ourselves slide a bit. The important thing is that we recognize the problem, and work to correct it. We can overcome any obstacle that gets in our way, as long as our WHY is big enough!

I hope this has helped someone else realize that it is normal to have times when we fall a little. As long as we pick ourselves back up and keep going it’s ok. We are human after all, and not perfect.

So, if you are finding yourself in this type of situation, DON’T give up. Don’t think that you are a failure and this will never work. Keep moving forward, and learn from the experience. It will get easier with time. You will discover ways to keep yourself moving forward. Just keep that WHY out in front of yourself, and keep going after it!

Until next time my friends!


4 thoughts on “The Struggles of Being Consistent”
  1. Consistency is key! Knowing this is not enough. It’s a matter of discipline, planification, doing our tasks without getting distracted. I need to improve those skills too but I still require training. Like we say never postpone to tomorrow what can be done today.
    Thank you Kelli!

  2. Kelli, Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability in sharing your struggles with consistency. It’s incredibly relatable, and many of us have experienced similar challenges. Recognising the issue is the first step towards improvement, and your determination to overcome distractions and stay focused on your goals is commendable. Remembering our “why” is indeed crucial in moments of temptation or setback. Your words serve as a reminder that setbacks are part of the journey, and what matters most is our ability to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward. Your encouragement to persevere and learn from these experiences is invaluable. Keep pushing forward, and thank you for sharing your journey with us! Thanks, Atif

  3. Kelli,

    You’re not alone in struggling with consistency. Even I battle distractions and procrastination. It’s easy to let a TV show, family, or work to derail plans. But I’m learning to overcome these obstacles. Consistency is key in building our dreams. I appreciate you sharing you struggle with this. One things to understand is that it’s normal and it’s a battle that everyone must contend with. The important thing is to recognize the issue and working to improve.

    Don’t give up.

    Keep pushing forward, and your why will drive you to success.

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