Another week of learning and implementing what I learned. It wasn’t easy though!
We had many new technical things to learn and do this week. Some of which went smooth as can be. But then…
I reached a part where I couldn’t seem to get the correct link inserted to make things flow correctly. I was feeling really down, but I knew I had to keep pushing on and not give up. After many attempts, and going back through the tutorials, I finally figured it out! I was ecstatic! I thought “Now I’m on a roll!”!
I continued on to the next steps. I was following Deans tutorial step by step. Then he showed to go to the side bar, hover over appearance, and select Menu. Well, guess what! I didn’t have that option!! I tried to find a setting somewhere that would fix it. No luck. Next, I turned to our group Facebook page, and posted my problem. I got some helpful suggestions that I needed to change my blog theme. So, I did just that. I went back in, and there was the menu option! Just goes to show how valuable having group to support you really is!
Not only do we have an awesome mentor, but a great support group as well! With all of us working together, there is no limit to what we can achieve!
As the title to this post says, “Hurdles defeated”!
Onwards and upwards together my friends!
23 thoughts on “Hurdles defeated!”
  1. Hi Kelli, I love your resolve, that you remained solutions-focused, and when one attempt did not work, you attempted another until you smoothed your bump in the road!
    You have the right mindset to propel yourself forward.
    A week that ended very successfully
    Great post and great result, well done
    I look forward to revisiting your blog.

  2. Hi Kelli,
    Awesome to hear that although you struggled, you asked for help!!
    And you were able to get over that hurdle.
    Bodes well for the next time you have a little hiccup.
    It is so good when we are starting something new we have the support to keep going.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Yayy! I am so glad that you got unstuck! The certified partners group has been so valuable to me as well. I agree. It is so nice to know that we not only have expert mentors, but we can ask for help from people who are going through the same homework and probably running into the same roadblocks. I commend you for asking for help and defeating your hurdles!!!

  4. I’m with you Kelli, Mentorship, Coaching and a great group community with helpful folks does it for me when developing a good business online. Without this I’d say some hurdels can seem insurmountable.

  5. Congratulations! It’s the little things.. that really are the big things… that need to be celebrated! I’m happy to see your progress and celebrate with you!

  6. Good to know that you have people you can turn to… I find that the majority of other affiliate marketers I run into are helpful. Well done for getting it sorted

  7. Hi Kelli,
    It’s great that we have a group of support here including the daily ask section where the coaches can answer our questions. I can’t wait to continue the weeks ahead. Slowly but surely, step by step we’ll get where we want to be with this business.
    Keep going, don’t give up.

  8. Well done! Part of building an online business is about solving problems as it comes. You’ve demonstrated resilience and resourcefulness in problem solving. I hope this has been a fun experience for you?

  9. Kelli, well done that’s a really great win for you. We always get these little niggly problems when we follow instructions. Like you said with the help of Dean and also the group we always get to the solution. I had a similar issue with the email custom values, but working through, I managed to get it fixed yesterday.You’re doing great. Let’s keep going. Thanks, Atif

  10. Kelli,
    Congratulations on completing this part of the training and overcoming the obstacles you faced. I have to agree with you. It is nice to have a community of like minded individuals that are willing to help each other through the struggles.
    Communities like this are invaluable and are worth the time and effort to participate in them. I don’t know about you but the more I put in the more value I get out.

    Count your blessing that you have a community that is open and ready and willing to help.

  11. Hi Kelli,
    Tech issue can really mess things up quick and sometimes it something so small.
    It’s great that your support group was able to help you, more so that you sought support.
    Many people would be afraid to ask. Great job!
    Until your next post!

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