Hello again! Hope everything is going well for you all!

I am continuing along on this incredible journey! Still learning more every day. It seems like it is taking so long, but I must build a strong foundation for my business to be successful.

Sure, I could just throw something together and hope it works. But, I do not want to do it that way. I want to build a good foundation for a long lasting, very successful business. One that will see great results for a very long time. As Dean always tells us, in the words of Alex Jeffreys, “Don’t get rich quick, get rich forever!”. THAT is what I am going for! And I want to help as many people as I can along the way. I want others like me to be able to build their dream lives as well. Having such an incredible opportunity is something I just can’t keep to myself. I want to share it with everyone!

I have tried so many “get rich quick” things. And guess what, they don’t work!!!  Someone sells you something with a lot of hype, then you are on your own to figure it out. Internet Profits does NOT do that! You are in it together, and they are there to hold your hand the entire time, if needed. You have as much or as little help as you need or want. Dean is genuinely invested to helping you succeed, no matter how much help you need. I have never seen anyone else that was so invested in their business, and helping everyone that joins them.

If you have any interest at all in trying Affiliate Marketing, this is the best opportunity there is. And the cost to get started is so very minimal, especially compared to most things out there. This is a PROVEN plan that works!

For only $7.96 shipping cost, you can get The Iceberg Effect book and bonuses! Where else can you start the groundwork of a business for less than $8?? NOWHERE!! It’s pretty much a no brainer!!

If you would like a copy of the Iceberg Effect and free bonuses, just click the link below!

The Iceberg Effect Book


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10 thoughts on “Continuing the Journey!”
  1. Yes, it is indeed important to take the time to lay the proper foundation so that you can have a long lasting business.

    Internet Profits certainly has one of the best coaching and support in the industry.

    The Iceberg Effect Book does a great job teaching people the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Kelli, thanks for sharing and being so open about your journey. This will truly help me and others as we try to do the same. The get rich quick schemes you talk about never do work and I’ve always felt that if anything is worth doing it should be hard work and require effort in the right areas for it to work. It’s great you’ve now found a great mentor and the right process to follow. I look forward to seeing where you go next. Just some feedback if you don’t mind on your blog page at the end, you’ve put a link to the iceberg effect, it would be visually better if you put a banner or a photo of the book there and then put the link when you click the photo. You can get photos and banners in the members area of Internet profits. Thanks you, Atif

    1. Atif,
      Thank you so much for your kind words, and advice! I am still really new at this blogging, so any help is greatly appreciated! I’m sure I will get better as I go, just need some practice and guidance.

  3. Hi Kelli,
    Nice post. Internet Profits truly is unique in it’s commitment to helping it’s members succeed in their businesses. Great to see your commitment to following the process to success and your desire to pass on the experience to others. Keep it up!

  4. I absolutely agree with you. There are no such things like earning quick money in this industry. Affiliate marketing is a real business that aims at a profitable and sustainable income. Dean is clear about this and its company is entirely real and legit and reflects this position.
    The Iceberg Effect is THE book that started officially my journey in affiliate marketing. I read it twice and it is now my reference book.
    Warm regards,

  5. Kelli, Honest and Truthful post! With all the programs out there today and in the past, I have never seen a man so Honest and Open about helping others succeed. He even has a Daily “Ask Us Anything” page. How AWESOME is that!? You are on the right path, keep pushing forward!!! 2024 is going to be GREAT!

  6. Good point Kelli.
    I tried to be rich quick with forex 🙂 That was a costly lesson.
    But I’ve learned that getting rich quickly doesn’t work. Now I am also following Dean Hollands’ advice to get rich forever.
    You mentioned a proven plan. That is the best way to success if any person can do it, so can I. With help and support from the Internet Profits team, it is not a matter of “if” but “when”.
    Of course, if we do the necessary work.

    1. Tom,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, we definitely need to do the work if we want to succeed. If we do, there is no question of whether we will or not. As you said, not if, but when.

  7. Hi Kelli
    You’re right to take your time and build a proper foundation! In my life nothing worth doing ever came quick and easy, but we’ve learned to want things quick, easy and painless.
    I like to remember those who lived in the early to mid 1900’s or even earlier, who worked hard for lasting success!
    It’s important to share this message of get rich quick being a lie. It’s the only way to help others avoid it.
    Look forward to your next posts!

  8. Kelli,

    Just throwing things together may help a chef with a pinch here and a pinch there. However, affiliate marketing requires a solid plan and to get the best results requires a guide that has blazed the train in front of you.

    Also I have to agree The Iceberg Effect is a great way to start an affiliate marketing journey. It shines a light on the pitfalls and the do’s and don’ts of affiliate marketing. It is a must read.
    Thanks for sharing

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